In some states

In some states In some states any drive for it is judicial punishable offenses, allowed by minors, it is liquidated on reaching them eighteenyear age.

If your child experiments with illegal actions, collision with the law without your intervention and the guarantee it can appear for it the only lifesaver.

And apparently, it is much better if it occurs now, than after that, as the child will be eighteen years old.

Prison for adults less with comfort, is less useful and more serious on the consequences, than the receiver for minors.

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On all why? and that

On all why? and that And here when parents will not react in time, will not notice and will not help the child to recover, internally to calm down and gather here and problems begin.

Somehow after vacation Masha, the honors pupil thirdgrader, suddenly unexpectedly!

declared that to sleep one in the room not for all the tea in China does not wish.

On all why?

and that happened?

intelligible could not tell anything but only went on I am afraid, afraid.

To steam of nights to the girl allowed to sleep in a parental bedroom, and then, having counted its complaints for whims, after all sent back to the.

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If something

If something Try not to overload the kid: carry out on twothree types of exercises.

Occupations should not lead to overfatigue, it is better to carry out them in a game form as, playing, the child studies more productively.

If something is impossible to the kid, do not abuse him.

Tasks can be divided into some stages and to carry out gradually.

Exercise with which the child did not cope, it is possible to postpone, be trained and after a while to return to it.

On the basis of the games and exercises given in this chapter you can think out own, original options.

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From time

From time Sometimes it came to strong excitement and, pacing back and forth on the room, sharply reacted to any accent or change of height of the voice recorded on a film.

From time to time he did not listen at all.

Eventually it could accept my critical remarks concerning that sounded in record though was still hostile to my comments during the execution.

Possibly, the music reproduced by car did not give rise to feeling of therefore also the criticism did not affect him at Jeffrey, but it was pleasant to it when I praised his game.

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Mummies, it someone

Mummies, it someone It was all the same terrible, and she asked for a bed to Vick.

Now girls lay, is close prizhavkshis to each other.

Why it only in my room all the time terrible occurs?

it was thought Vick.

As though every night to me someone comes purposely to scare.

And suddenly again: boom boom, rattat.

Mummies, it someone behind curtains is knocked on a window, silently screaming, Alyonka whispered.

No, it behind an old case someone hid.

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